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True IDC Kubernetes Service (TKS) , a self-service, stable, light-weight container runtime designed for cloud & non-cloud native applications.
True IDC Kubernetes Service (TKS)
True IDC Kubernetes Service help isolate applications to be deployed and run on a shared OS and desired software resources to optimize platform compatibility and save your time. TKS can be deployed with TrueIDC Cloud seamlessly.
Managed control plane
  • Self-service cluster management UI
  • Create/Delete cluster
  • Managed cluster scale node up/down
  • Dashboard / Monitoring on cluster, nodes, workloads
Workload management
  • Create workload management wizard
  • On-the-fly YAML workload deployment
  • Cli kubectl enable
Managed cluster updates
  • Provide initiate cluster upgrade Master/Worker node
Multi-tenant and Role based Access Controls
  • Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • Create multi-tenant based on IAM user
  • Assign multiple level RBAC (Role based access control) on cluster level, namespace level
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Key features of True IDC Kubernetes Service (TKS)
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Monitoring and Operations Management
  • Diagnostic tools via command line for health statistics
  • Diagnostic via Web UI
  • Prometheus and Grafana for environment health monitoring
  • and visualization
Self-Service Provisioning
  • Provides a self-service UI (TKS Web Console) that is separate from the default Kubernetes dashboard UI to enable self-service for developers and administrators
Support for CI/CD integrations
  • Designed especially for integration with CI/CD
  • Also compatible with most major third-party CI/CD toolchains
  • (Jenkins, GitLab, etc.)
  • CI/CD tools will be provided by Marketplace.
Storage Support and Integrations
  • Supports integration with network-based persistent storage using the Kubernetes persistent volume framework
  • Supports a wide variety of persistent storage endpoints such as NFS, Ceph, OpenStack Cinder.
High Availability and Healing
  • Load balancer provided by default for load balancing multi-master.
  • Multi-etcd cluster enabled by default.
Support Formats
  • Docker Image Manifest V2, Schema 1
  • Docker Image Manifest V2, Schema 2
  • Open Container Initiative (OCI) Specifications
  • Helm Charts
True IDC Kubernetes Service (TKS)
Starting from
70.92 THB/Month